When your life or your livelihood depends on your equipment, then you better have made the best possible choice. When you’re pelting through a rally special stage at crazy fast speeds, you learn that the decision you made to buy a Polaris is going to keep you safe and sound.

We here at Eagle Powersports know this lesson all too well from years of competition in the ARC (Australian Rally Championship), and from working side by side with farmers and adventure addicts across Australia.

Polaris is one of only a few companies that take global feedback from customers and dealers, then feed it back into the final product developmen. For example this year's Ranger Side by Side has over 100 owner inspired updates to it.

Polaris is the world No. 1 globally for Off-road vehicles, Side By Sides, ATV’s and Quad Bikes.

The range covers the full spectrum, from the Ultimate Powerhouse toy, to the brutally tough Ranger, and every one of them is ready to work hard all day every day.

The Polaris Range covers the;

In order to  keep your Polaris Side by Side, ATV, Quad Bike and Ranger running perfectly, our factory-trained team can perform your maintenance service tasks.

We use genuine Polaris spare parts in all of our servicing work and have one of Australia’s most complete range of OEM and Aftermarket Accessories. If you need a bolt on for your Polaris, we’ll be able to get it for you.

If you prefer to service/maintain or repair your Polaris, we have innovated the spare parts process for you, by implementing an industry leading Online Spare Parts system allowing you to drill down to your make, model and specific part diagram, to then see the part you’re ordering before doing so. Search your parts here.

We’ve also researched the industry leaders for Finance and Insurance, you can get a quote.

Road Bike Insurance,  get a Quote here.

Dirt Bike Insurance,   get a Quote here.

Finance ,  get a Quote here.

We believe in the Polaris product and so do our customers, for total reliability, durability and endurance over time. We have a saying here at Eagle Powersports. 

You can buy cheaper, but it’s still not a Polaris!!!

Join the Eagle Powersports family today and contact us for any question you might have.

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